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The Day Tarragon Ruined My Life

Disclaimer: I am a Negative Nancy in this post. If you want shiny, happy Tracy please skip one post down. I promise this will not become a trend. I just have to vent about my arch nemesis of the flavouring world: tarragon.


Ugh. I have been avoiding writing this post for so long. There’s nothing quite as exciting as sharing with you a new recipe that works, friends, but when one doesn’t work out? Forgive me for not having my bells on.

I know what you’re thinking: If the recipe didn’t work, why include it on here at all? Trust me, normally I wouldn’t. But this night of cooking was for a series and when it’s for a series, my darlings, I share with you for better or worse. And this was one of the worst.

The series: “What’s in the Fackin’ Fridge?” Fridays, where, on any given Friday, I will empty out the contents of my fridge and work with what’s in it to create a recipe on the fly. Sometimes the results are delightful (read: passable) and others I am just disappointed and cranky on a Friday night. Get ready for the latter. Read More

Stack 'Em Up

1UP Mushroom Power Tower

Have you ever noticed how in the world of the Super Mario Bros. it is the humble mushroom—and not beef or milk or any other animal product—that causes Mario to grow and gain extra life? Yessir, mushrooms are the cat’s pajamas and I buy and consume a lot of them.

So when it came time for “What’s the in Fackin’ Fridge?” Friday, it was three varieties of mushrooms that fell into my arms first. I had a paper bag of hearty portobellos, a container of organic shiitakes, and even dug a couple of button mushrooms (erlack, I HATE them) out of my Mama’s stash. White button mushrooms are stupid and I refuse to eat them, but they met my ends here so I went with it. Read More