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Garnished to Shit

Guest Bloggin’ Like a Pro

A few weeks ago I did a guest post on the food blog of a friend of my Winnipegger cousin. I am posting it on my site as well, because this has become my reference guide for my own recipes. If I don’t post it here I will undoubtedly lose track of it and then where will I be? Recipeless and sad. Are you ready? This is how I would have posted this post. Let’s get on it.


My name is Tracy Butcher and I am vegan. On my website, my Twitter feed and my Facebook page I go by the moniker The Vegan Butcher, but you, my friends, can call me The Vegan. Welcome to my guest post on Mizz Laura’s Comfort Food blog! Read More


From the Booth: Hot Chocolate

As I type this I am on an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I would much rather be sleeping like my delicious-smelling seatmate (oh, European men!), but I have committed to blog daily during the month of October for Vegan MoFo, and blog I shall! It’s all for you, my dear readers. I hope you all know how much I love you. Really, I do. I love you all dearly. SERIOUSLY. (Getting a restraining order will be much more difficult for you now, eh? Which country do you take it out in? I’m on the lam!) Anyhow, my snuggly monster friend and I (Monster Mo, if you’re wondering) shall each keep an eye open long enough to draft this blog post for you. Read More